Announcing the Stash Fabrics PJ Party on Saturday night!

Attention Stash Bash Attendees:
I am so excited to announce the Stash Fabrics PJ Party next Saturday night!  Ok, I’m not gonna lie.  When I came up with the idea for The Stash Bash, I truly imagined an event so casual that I could wear my pjs if I wanted to.  So when Beth with Stash Fabrics offered to sponsor a snack break, I naturally thought “Yes, but can I wear my pjs too?”  Luckily she didn’t think I was crazy and we came up with a plan.
Stash Fabrics is providing a yummy late night sweet treat, complete with some Scrap Sandwich giveaways on Saturday night.  So make some designer lounge pants, unveil your special Munki Munki set, or just pull out your good ole ratty trusty pair you bought on clearance at Walmart way back when and get ready for our late night sewing party!
Check out Beth’s shop to order anything ahead of time.  She’s local to the Atlanta area so she’s driving to the event.  Because of that, she is offering free “shipping” on anything you order by Thursday night.  Just let her know to bring it to The Stash Bash.

Screen Printing at Stash Bash


Hey Hey fellow StashBashians!

Most of you probably have no idea who the heck I am, so I will start out with a little introductory.

I am Amanda, and I sporadically blog over at The Craft Junky and I also have a tiny etsy shop of the same name.  When I am crafting, I LOVE for my projects to tell a story.  Whether it’s a book or a fairytale, a simple quote, tag lines from a favorite show or movie, or just silly things that pop into my head.  It is what makes me love making handmade things.

MeI used to mainly accomplish this by adding embroidery to my projects.  But last year, I decided to take the plunge into the addicting world of screen printing, and I fell in love.

spcollageScreen printing is such a great way to add your own personal touch to what you are making.  You can add your kid’s art work to bags, or make your own quilt labels.  Or even print your own fabric!  And you aren’t only limited to fabric, you can screen print on paper also.  So many good things to be done!!


So I got to thinking that this might be a handy skill to pass on, so I asked Chris what she thought about me giving a little lesson while we are at Stash Bash to those that were interested.

So here’s the plan.  If you want to learn this handy dandy little skill great!  I am going to demonstrate the emulsion method that I do at home.  But because of time restraints and the need of complete darkness for developing the emulsion, the hands-on screen printing that we will do will be a simpler, more lesson-friendly version.  But I will be sure that you have all of the info that you need to tackle both techniques at home.


Still with me? Good, ok, here is what you will need to bring with you, or, if you are flying in or you cannot find the materials locally, just let me know and you can always paypal me and I will pick up the supplies for you and bring them with me since I am driving.

So the first and most important thing you will need, is a screen.  I usually buy the Speedball brand and you can find these at Michaels arts and crafts supply stores usually somewhere by the canvases and paints.  *Bonus Tip* If you by the screen at Michaels, you can use one of their coupons!!!  Yay for discounts!


The next most important tool that you will want to get is a squeegee.  This is used for passing the ink over and through the screen and you can find these right next to the screens.

IMG_9767-3While you are there, if you wanted to pick up some ink, go right ahead!  I will be bringing all of my inks with me, so it is not a necessity.  If you do decide to buy some ink, make sure you by the ink that is for printing on fabric.


Also, you will want to bring a fat quarter or more of some fabric that you would like to print on.  My friend Christina made up a super cute image for us all to print.  I will be bringing ALL of my screens for anyone who wants to see what screen printing with an emulsion exposed screen is like.


Ok, I think that covers it.  If you have any questions let me know via email amandahall25 at gmail dot com.  Or if I think of anything else that you will need or that I forgot to tell you, I will put up another post here and in the google group.  Sound good?

Happy Friday!!!


Attendee Google Group Announcement and a Registration Deadline

Hi everyone!  I am busy making some final arrangements for The Stash Bash goodie bags and giveaways.  Several people have generously offered some fabulous fabric stacks and handmade goodies for giveaways during the weekend.  I originally announced that the goodie bags will include a T-shirt but I have substituted something else for that.  I think you’ll like it more 🙂  This way we don’t need to worry about sizes, etc.  If you would like to sponsor a goodie donation for the goodie bags to market your blog, shop, or product, please contact me at frecklemama at yahoo dot com.  Right now our registration will most likely be just under 40 people.

If you have already registered to attend, you should have received an invitation to the Google Group.  Several people have told me that they didn’t receive their invitations, so please let me know if you need me to send it again.

The deadline for registration for The Stash Bash will be two weeks from today.  March 27th is the absolute final day to register for the retreat, add nights, or purchase a day pass.  Be sure to drop me a line if you have any questions.

I am thrilled about the creative and kind people who have already registered for the retreat.  If you are interested in attending but a little nervous about meeting new people or needing a certain “level” of skill or talent, let me assure you that you could not spend a weekend in a more accepting, sweet, and inclusive (albeit a little CRAZY) group of stitchers!  We hope you join us next month at The Stash Bash.


Announcing the Day Pass!

Due to popular demand, The Stash Bash is announcing a Day Pass option.  The rate per day is $60 and you can select to attend Friday, Saturday or both. The Day Pass will include lunch and dinner, and it will also include the same goodie bag that full registration attendees receive.  If you choose to attend both days, you will get the second day at half-price. There are a limited number of Day Passes available so click on the registration button to grab your ticket now!


More details about The Stash Bash weekend.

Yes! There are still spaces available. Please come join us. It’s not too late to register. Email me at frecklemama at yahoo with any questions, and be sure to spread the word with your stitchy friends and your fellow guild members.

All meals are included in your registration price but there are also kitchenettes in each of the bunk houses. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks in addition to the meals provided by The Calvin Center. I know many of you are driving so you might want to bring some goodies for pre-dinner thirsty hour and midnight snacks.

Some of you are also doing really well in your fitness programs and will be looking for the opportunity to keep that up during the weekend. There are trails and a lovely lake to walk around. The bunk houses also have large common rooms with plenty of room for a workout. You should be able to find pictures of all of this on the Calvin Center web page.

Whether you are a Thursday arrival or a Friday arrival, your meals will begin with dinner on that day. You are welcome to arrive any time after 9am on those days so feel free to bring your own lunch or grab lunch nearby if you have a vehicle. Your meals are covered through breakfast on Sunday morning but you are welcome to stay later that day. The final time has yet to be determined by the facility but I will announce it when I know.

The retreat is meant to provide relaxing unstructured time to hang out with friends and work on projects at your own pace. For that reason, there is not a formal schedule outside of meal times. We will have round-the-clock access to the sewing room so we can leave our machine stations set up for the entire weekend.

I do have a few machines available for rental. The cost is $40 for the weekend. They are basic machines. If you are interested in renting a machine or have questions about these machines, please let me know as soon as possible. I need to make sure I have enough for everyone.

Once you are registered, you will be invited to join the Google Group where you can arrange shared transportation, fabric swaps, roomates, etc. If you don’t receive an invitation to the group please let me know.

Can’t wait to see you in April!