A Stash Bash Collaborative Baby Quilt

At last year’s retreat, several of us were missing our lovely friend Sharon.  Sharon wasn’t able to come to The Stash Bash because she was expecting her first baby!  We kept thinking of her and her newborn baby Ruby.  In an effort to have her there with us in spirit, we decided to make blocks for a Ruby baby quilt!

Amy had brought some scraps of Bonnie & Camille’s fabric line called Ruby and gave out pieces to people along with some white solid fabric.

Here is the quit top:



Here is the top with the names of the people who made each block:



Amy C.

Amy H.








(Is anyone missing?!)


Then Chris brought the blocks home, sewed them together with sashing, and quilted it.  We sent it off to Sharon and have been thrilled to see little Ruby on Instagram playing on it!

It’s amazing to experience the love that a sewing retreat can foster.  To decide to make a love quilt, coordinate the details, and knock out the blocks while sewing and laughing together is truly a joy.  We hope that you can join us at The Stash Bash this year to find out what exciting sewing happens on the spot in 2014!



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