The Stash Bash

Announcing the Stash Fabrics PJ Party on Saturday night!

Attention Stash Bash Attendees:
I am so excited to announce the Stash Fabrics PJ Party next Saturday night!  Ok, I’m not gonna lie.  When I came up with the idea for The Stash Bash, I truly imagined an event so casual that I could wear my pjs if I wanted to.  So when Beth with Stash Fabrics offered to sponsor a snack break, I naturally thought “Yes, but can I wear my pjs too?”  Luckily she didn’t think I was crazy and we came up with a plan.
Stash Fabrics is providing a yummy late night sweet treat, complete with some Scrap Sandwich giveaways on Saturday night.  So make some designer lounge pants, unveil your special Munki Munki set, or just pull out your good ole ratty trusty pair you bought on clearance at Walmart way back when and get ready for our late night sewing party!
Check out Beth’s shop to order anything ahead of time.  She’s local to the Atlanta area so she’s driving to the event.  Because of that, she is offering free “shipping” on anything you order by Thursday night.  Just let her know to bring it to The Stash Bash.
Thanks Stash Fabrics!